Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh Juliet, my pet!



Land dwelling reptiles
take their vows seriously
grabbing a quick lunch
Romeo and Juliet
are committed newlyweds.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pro Bowl 2011

excites fans
fuels aloha
brings the NFL back to Hawaii.


Line 1: 1 Syllables
Line 2: 2 Syllables
Line 3: 3 Syllables
Line 4: 4 Syllables
Line 5: 10 Syllables

Saturday, January 29, 2011


The stranger's
snide remarks

disturb the
old Hawaiian
paints a surreal
cross stitch
of paradise

fixed legends of
home sweet home
and soft
places to land.

Friday, January 28, 2011



tracks in wet snow

and proceeds to stash
his cousin slush
beneath the floor mat.

The blowhard

howls at the dog
who vigorously shakes

and pees

on a pinging baseboard.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blueline Poetry • View topic - XVIII.23 Red String Thingy

Blueline Poetry • View topic - XVIII.23 Red String Thingy

An itsy bitsy red string thingy
melded with a crafty dinghy
Feather light twisted free, stiff
winds tossed it mute across
the flat as glassy
sea. Defiant

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hey Sis

Did you ever scream
in a silent room

trace a smile
In the gloom

exhale smoke
in frosty air

play hop scotch
fake a dare

eat fresh snow
beneath a tree

cross your heart
squat and pee?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Need to Know?

If you could

turn back time

Would you

trace the line
of my behind
in your mind



strain resigned
to define
these curvy lines


Saturday, January 22, 2011


Dim memory waits

beneath heavy comforter
pregnant with expectations.

Locked inside old trunk
between crinkled yellowed gowns
love letters wait for reply.

A sedoka consists of two unrhymed three-line stanzas, each with a syllable count of 5 - 7 - 7.

Often these stanzas go at the same subject from different perspectives, but that is not a requirement

Friday, January 21, 2011


Juicy green orbs
sweet obsession.

Thick dark
creamy squares
produce trance.

hot bites
ski down
saucy slope.

Whipped cream
yields stiff

Lemon flower
zesty arrival.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Cancer cracks fa├žade
time looms like a guillotine
set to slice off tumor.

Doctors poke and prod
awaiting new test results
demands jug of faith.

Dad is tranquilized
Mom is a basket of nerves
Sister asks for help.

I busy my mind
picturing a good outcome
for this affliction.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011



am conscious and
out of the white-light zone.

I know that I am alive

that blue blood courses
through my veins. I know
that I require food and water
water mainly, to survive.
I know that this casing that I exist in
is designed to last one hundred years
give or take
and depending on how well
I read and follow the manual.

I know that I am meant to explore
my world and
get along with my fellow robots

I have been given a brain.

Sometimes it gets me into tight spaces.

I have something called health
a priceless commodity, more valuable than
gold, diamonds or oil.
I need shelter because my unit
will corrode if left out
in the elements too long.

I realize that there are lower life forms and
that they have been provided to
fulfill my nutritional requirements.
I have noticed that some units have different coloring
and features. I've noticed that some bow to different creators.

I know that the vast universe
has constructed a series of gates for me to open
as I learn new things and discover
important rules not found in the manual.

I know that I am alone, separate from my
fellow units and this distresses me.

I attempt to join with one and find that
he does not always share my thinking
on important issues, half of our time is spent
on finding middle ground.

Time is the other precious commodity
usually by the time we realize this
we have traveled quite far
in the wrong direction
and must back track.

I question my creator as to the fallacies I find.

Why do they exist?

Is that the point to this exercise?

Must we
all of our own
leaks and flaws?
Must we manipulate and reprogram
our systems
Must we integrate and redefine
our priorities
to what end?

What is the reward for all this aggravation?

I find that I require further
incentive for this mission.

I need to know when we began
where and how we were created and WHY?
Was it ions ago on a robot ship out in space
OR on a distant planet called heaven?

Is our savior a higher form of robot?
Why must we wait for HIM?

Define reality?

Is reality a state of mind?

Do we really exist?

Is this a grand experiment gone worng?

Do we have souls?
Will our souls live foreverOr
or shall we simply die
returning to the earth
to be reborn again
perhaps as a lower life form
starting on a different rung
og the ladder
because we didn't learn the lesson yet?
will we ultimately discover
long after our batteries reach
their expiration date
that we were just
tinker toys
constructed and then left to rust
in an alien child’s

Monday, January 17, 2011

Not for the Faint of Heart

I feel a slam coming on!

Oh- So you THINK you are helping!
Let’s break that down

T as in testosterone fueled

H as in hairy beast

I as in insanity runs in your family

N as in Naturally if YOU had done it

K as in Bend OVER


Now why don’t you

Kiss it

Lick it

Rub it

Stick it

into the open and let some sun shine on it
and dry up some of that moldy shit
clogging those pipes.

I mean--it’s a rotten shame
to waste perfectly good material
on a primitive mind.
Get out of your cave--Neanderthal!

Careful now, don’t hurt yourself!
I wouldn’t want you to get a nose bleed.
Because you might get rickets or scurvy
by venturing into uncharted territory.
There is some nasty SHIT
out there.

One thing you have to
remember is to
protect yourself at all times!

Because hairy beasts
tend to congregate
in dark airless places.
And they THINK they

They KNEW THAT before

"you were even out of diapers"

before you learned how to "wipe the snot
out of your nose." They could teach a CLASS
on it. They don’t need DEGREES.
Because they got a degree in LIFE!

Doll face
Brat face
coochey coo
tootley too
blah blah
siss boom bah
la ti da

La ti dah?
Oh yeah
that was the bitch
you tricked
into believing
the lies that you spin.

Colorful lies




WAIT--- I need my shades.
WHEW--I can feel one coming on—NOW
that was too close.

Did you see that?
A fucking shooting star

Quick that one--NO-- OVER THERE!
Too hot for me
And so you see
that’s what I

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Foundation Class

*** I took a Basic Handgun Skills Class yesterday and highly recommend it to all my friends.
For more info:

When you’re a woman
and you hear the words
foundation class
the first thing that comes to mind
isn’t necessarily
the proper and safe
use of a handgun
but in this day
and age
it isn’t a bad thing
to learn.

Basic handgun skills train
you how to survive
a deadly encounter.

Sight alignment and trigger control
are the two most important things
to know when using a firearm.

You will learn to protect yourself by
carrying a knife
and having pepper spray in your car.

This is the mark of a savvy woman.

Employing Ooda Loop
an acronym for





and knowing how to break one
will prepare you for potential threats.

Proper mindset and being prepared
isn’t just for Girl Scouts
and terrorists.

These skills will keep you ALIVE.

Get out of the White--no perception zone
and into the yellow—relaxed awareness state.

Look around, use all of your senses.

Be alert.

FOCUS IN on your environment.
You may be AMAZED at
what you have been MISSING.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

True Grit—Cherita

The "Cherita" is a creation of ai li, the founding editor of "still: home for short verse," and now its independent e-zine offshoot "dew-on-line."

Cherita [pronounced CHAIR-rita] is the Malay word for story or tale. A Cherita consists of a single
stanza verse, followed by a two-line verse,
and then finishing with a three-line verse. It can be written solo or with up to three partners.
The Cherita tells a story.

True grit spoke possibilities.

It evoked rare things
like justice and fair play.

It introduced a shrewd anti-venom
because snakes and skeletons
tend to multiply within dense regions.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Eviction Notice

I am Mother Earth.

Stop pissing on me.

My trees are drenched
with your ooze.

Nasty children
always whining
why can’t you play
with one another?
I have tried my best
to show you
what will happen
if you don’t clean up
after yourselves.

You will have to suffer.

Look at my poor fish
and the water has turned
an ugly shade of brown.

there are huge plastic
islands floating
in the pacific,
further evidence
of your illegitimate offspring.

I’m waiting for your explanation.

There are mutilated and
mutated dead everywhere.

You want to see fireworks?

I’m afraid sending you
to your rooms
will not be stiff
enough punishment.

Do you hear me?

Your deliverance is coming.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I am published in the December 29th 2010 issue of Island Scene

a short story about when I first moved to Hawaii titled: Our New Home

Habilitat Presents: Cornelia DeDona: Letters to a Prisoner

I will be on local TV in Hawaii in January, put this on your calendars and thanks for watching!
in case you miss it; click on this link it is the same as on TV

Habilitat Presents: Cornelia DeDona: Letters to a Prisoner

1/11/11 Tue 6:00 pm FOCUS 49

1/12/11 Wed 1:00 pm FOCUS 49

1/13/11 Thu 8:00 am OAHU 52

1/14/11 Fri 3:00 pm FOCUS 49


is what you're thirsty for
when life squeezes the kid
out of you.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011



















Monday, January 10, 2011

Witty Epitaph's 1-11

A dirty old man rests below
so loved his wiener
he named it Beau.

Here lies Lizzy Crass
her farts refrain
stench surpassed
a runaway train
into the prairie grass.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


After Electricity

It is pre-dawn
the lights have just gone out
the cause as yet unknown.
Coffee thankfully
has been pre-set and brewed.
The hot-tub steams silently.
The still water beckons
as I plant my aching bones
settling into the sultry depth.

The roosters crow at distant stars
their raucous
contest continues
as the sun begins its ascent into
a cloudless blue, tinted with pink
and orange. The palms stand
stiffly at attention. The Ko’olau peaks
loom like ancient warriors, awaiting the
first battle cry. And I hunt and peck
one-handed, continuing on
as if nothing has happened.

There is still much work to be done.

The end of our era approaches.

After electricity our words
will remain housed within dusty tomes
temporarily stifled.

We will have to seek them out
search over hill and dale
for there was and still is, treasure there.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Diseased Minds

Some days are easier.

The battle rages on
between self- doubt
and change. They are
taking bets on the side lines.
The odds are against us.

Listen up

patriots. We are at war.

The front lines need to stand firm.
There is no room for MIA thinking.
Every empty space needs to be filled
with tough love. We will not tolerate
deserters. Deserters will be rounded up and sent
back for another series of anti-venomous thinking shots.

Stand FIRM. Stay your ground.
Look them straight in the eye.

Terror lurks there!

They feel it too, beneath the slip
of darkness when there is no one to
turn to. It torments them with false
promises. It leaves them without a pillow
hungry, tattered and pasty.
Look at them. They are what remain
blankly staring at the yellowed pages
suffering through the holocaust and barking mad.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Forgotten Age

Right this way

ladies and gentlemen.
You are about to be amazed
astounded, electrified, and personified.

Here before you are the devitrified pillars.
Step this way to hear about it
to see the unbelievable waste that it was,

yes it’s true!

Right here before your very eyes
you will experience
the awe and
the majesty
of the most powerful
beast of the modern age.

We will take you back
to its humble beginnings
then show you more at its peak.
We will reconstruct its rise to power
and ultimate downfall.
It was once
one of the greatest
super powers on the planet.

Watch it now as the cancer
chips away
at the facade, as it falls
and crumbles below.

Sir, please be careful
don’t feed it.

We lost a couple
just last week
they didn’t speak the language
couldn’t read the signs
which are clearly marked.

They got too close, wanted
a few extra pictures and BAM.

It ate them whole, nothing left
just a stain on the floor
dark and desiccated.

All right folks

move along now.
Keep your hands inside
the barrier.
Around the next corner
we have another exhibit
just as thrilling.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Affliction-Slam poem

Most of us suffer from some form of it
if it isn’t drugs or alcohol
its cigarettes, coffee, exercise, gambling, shopping, SEX or FOOD.
We overindulge as a society
It is our RELIGION
and then we deny it.
We’ll tell you that you are CRAZY
We suffer from a DISEASE
therefore we need HELP.

We are not ACCOUNTABLE for our actions.
We stopped being accountable in the sixties
and it has morphed into the beast that it is today.
We changed the world alright.
we have a gazillion
afflictions and we BELIEVE that it will
take some hard work to get back
to normal.

When did we start
believing the lies?

We believe that we are insignificant.
We believe that life is a poker hand.
We believe that once you are afflicted
that there is little to be done, you have to live with it,
the devil made me do it.
Just swallow that knot in your throat
it will be alright in the morning.

But the morning has come and gone
and here we are fixed in front of our computers and the TV

waiting for the savior
waiting for that asteroid
waiting for 2012.

We believe in aliens, Big Foot,
the paranormal, and WAR.

We believe in pressing 1 for Spanish
and 2 for English.

We believe that being rich or powerful
or rich AND powerful will solve
most of our problems.
We follow the movements of
TV and film stars like they have
the secret to creation.

We just need to do what
they do, wear what they wear
eat what they eat.

We will put up with just
about anything, so long as it
doesn’t change any of our plans
or alter our thinking.
We want to give it all to GOD
all our problems, choices, suffering.

We want HIM to fix us, fix the country
fix the planet, fix the universe.
FIX EVERTHING, so we can
continue to do whatever we want.

We pray for an answer
but he has answered.
GOD is on strike!
He gave us all that we need.

The balls in our court

It's the last quarter of the game
the final tournament.

The sun is setting

on our parade.
Kiss your sorry
self serving issues

Departures are coming for you!

All aboard!

Go on
get in your sleeper
cars, this train is
bound for Affliction.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year’s Ku 2011

Traveling showers
greeting, leaves damp calling card
moist samples attached.

Baby New Year coos
gurgling resolutely
promising nothing.

Last year exhibits
spectacle throughout islands
waves smoky salute.

Man’s best friend staggers
whines for ear plugs and gas masks
caustic revelry.

Common Mynas perch
squawk at swaying Manila
fronds, surfing air waves.

Nature reigns supreme
on pacific tropic isle
snowing lava peaks.
Man of war jellies infest
Waikiki inundated.

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