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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Beaver Sighting

Bandit: Breaker, breaker--This is the Bandit, I got the hammer on the floor and looking for more on the I-70 heading west at mile marker 95 coming out of Kansas City—on channel 2-4 anyone got their ears on, come back?
Rock: You got the Rock on channel 2-4 heading towards Denver; I’m at the front door–mile marker 100 heading west. Bandit change to channel 2-2, come back.
Bandit: 10-4, changing to 2-2. Rock this is the Bandit, I got the back door–seen any bears in them woods- come back?
Rock: Ease back on that hammer Bandit we got a Papa bear in a plain brown wrapper at the 99 mile marker, come back.
Bandit: Thank you kindly Rock. Whatcha hauling, come back?
Rock: Life is better with Coca Cola, come back.
Bandit: I’m at the Ball Park with some Angus beef franks, come back.
Rock: Bandit, we got a beaver sighting at the 103 mile marker doing a double nickel—repeat a pack of beavers coming at you with their top down. Got a pink one and the sun is shining bright, come back.
Bandit: Repeat, did you say a beaver pack, come back?
Rock: Should be coming up real soon—four beavers with their top down in a shiny red convertible, come back.
Bandit: That’s a big 10-4, Rock– and they’re smokin hot.
Rock: I’m heading to the Golden State of California, come back– been rolling since 3am.
Bandit: 10-4, hooking up in Wyoming the Equality State—gonna suds ‘em up and find me a sleeper leaper at the pickle park, come back.
Rock: That’s a big 10-4, I’m dancing solo—got me a honey back in San Antonio.
Bandit: Roger that Rock, thank you kindly, this is the Bandit signing off-catch you on the flip flop.
Rock: That’s an affirmative Bandit, Breaker, breaker--you got the Rock heading west at mile marker 175 keep your wheels on the ground and your tool well oiled—anybody out there got their ears on, come back?
CB Radio Slang
On the floor and looking for more: accelerating to full speed
Front door: first truck in the convoy
Back door: last truck in the convoy
Double nickel: 55 miles per hour
Papa Bear- State police
Plain brown wrapper: unmarked brown vehicle
Beaver: woman
Flip flop: on the return trip
Sleeper leaper: working girl
Pickle park: rest area known for working girls
Suds: beer

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