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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Navigating Change: Making A Difference!

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These 16 pictures are courtesy of Habilitat!
An Evening of Poetry at Habilitat, with special guests Kealoha, the first Poet Laureate of Hawaii, myself Connie D. and Fellow Pen Woman, Marcia Zina Mager

A Special Thank you to Habilitat Poets
Sarah S.
Ocie G.
Shannon N.
Mark B.
Krystal A. for the ART

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Because The EARTH without ART is just "EH"

**This poem was inspired by a T-shirt design—I bought the shirt! I am also trying to convince certain people of the importance of POETRY!

Because The EARTH without ART is just "EH".

They say that ART will weigh heavy on their plate
that they have to scale back, that ART will have to wait
Maybe things will change, sometime down the pike
Maybe HELL will freeze or just go take a hike
The World without a poem is gonna suck BIG TIME
ADMIT IT can you FACE, this world without a Rhyme?
So listen Mister please, have a little HEART
And contemplate my drift let’s SAVE a place for ART
COS if you take the ART out of E A R T H
All that’s left are two letters; all that’s left is “EH”.
They want to get to basics
they still don’t know the way
they think that Aristotle
and Plato played with clay
but the world without their thinking
without their ART is “EH”.
They think that Science rules
that RELIGION will save the day
that man can live on mere hard work
but that is not HIS way
For MAN is only human
and needs to chill and play.
And people let us face it
without ART The Earth is just “EH”.
So let us break it down
and investigate today
finding new solutions
for our external fray
and promote this dialogue
vs. placing limits on the ARTS, OKAY?
They say that ART is an ACT
for people on the fringe
retards, creeps, and losers
waiting to unhinge
BUT we are not the nihilists
on the periphery
We are not IN SEASON
or Zombie meat delivery.
it must be understood and not taken for granted
giving us not only a love of WORDS, but a love of LOGIC
to frame the argument
add up our influence
to lessen  events beyond our control
to translate the sea of language in which our minds swim
To plug into our power
 our humanity
into what separates us from the APES.
our evolution throughout the Ages
to be the conscience
make intelligent choices
to define our place IN  nature not APART from it
To carry out the critical thinking required
to deal with planetary issues like global warming
ocean acidity, invasive species and  white coral disease
to discuss our addiction
to plastic, fossil fuel, and waste
We need to emerge as the
authentic heroes and heroines
Our language must go on!
WE MUST CONTINUE to create, educate, and relate
BECAUSE The EARTH without ART is just “EH”.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Don't Suck-- Spit

You know the spiel.
Get inspired
Write about something that moves you
Paint using vivid images
And if you can’t
at least have the good sense
to make it short.
Sell it
Show some cleavage
Leave them wanting more
And If you are lucky enough and talented enough to get noticed
go to the awards ceremony, celebrate
But don’t let it get to your head
Stay humble
afterwards go home and
write something else.
Stick with what you know
stick with what works.

Scratch that,
It really doesn’t matter
what subject you choose
it isn’t even the style you use
all that really matters is if
anyone else cares
or can relate to your
drivel, I mean
take spit for instance.
Yeah—you heard me….SALIVA.

Now let’s show what would happen
 if I spit on the sidewalk…
Or—if you’d rather go first
I’ll wait.

it wouldn’t be as interesting though
as if I spit in your face
now would it?

I mean
think about it
what  could you create with spit
maybe take a stick
a little paint
some canvas
an old T-shirt
It might translate into something unique
It might even parade around as ART
and pretty soon EVERYBODY
would have to have it
and it might even come in different textures
and tongues—LONG WINDED ONES
AND before you know it
there would be a MOVEMENT
And people could follow your BRAND

and you could get a Twitter button

It would be so COOL and like
maybe the Kardashian’s would
design some spit fashions
for Sears
and well
the rest...
is still unwritten.

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