Monday, May 31, 2010

Radiant R’s

Radiant R’s

Rabbit racism raises rabid rationale.

Raspberry ravine reaps red recognition.

Recluse recalls recent recital, redacting red herring.

Rose-bush refreshes remote refuge

Rigorous rhododendron receives rave reviews.

Registrar reiterates regrettable regulation resurrecting relic.

Relativity restates relevancy reforming redundancy.

Relax rectum remarks retarded reptile repulsing rhesus-monkey.

Resounding respect resolves resident recidivism.

Resilient response restrains retort rethinking retribution.

Revolutionary Road’s rough rotogravure receives rich rating.

Ribald riddle roams riposte route rippling rote rumor.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Q- Qualifiers

Q- Qualifiers

Quick-witted quack quizzes quintuplet quoting Queen.

Queer quatrain quenches querulous quarter master.

Quilting quiets Quaker questioning quick-step quadrille quandary.

Quesadilla quintessence quiets query quizzing quotidian quotient.

Quixotic quest quashes quetzal quagmire.

Québec’s quarters quadruple queue, quickening quid pro quo.

Quinoa quick bread quarantines quickie quean.

Quick sand quells quince quietly.

Quasar quark quantizes quantum theory quantifying quantum mechanics.

Quaint quadruped quiets quavering quail quenching quahog.

Friday, May 28, 2010

P- Pantheon

P- Pantheon

Parrot parapet parallels park peafowl
personalizing pewter phallus.

Peculiarly pleasing peasant pecks pencil perpetually
perplexing pesky pervert.

Philosopher photographs pithy poet pitching poetry.

Polyester position points-at ponderous politician perpetuating polytheism.

Prayer preceding preamble
precludes Presbyterian prenuptial agreement posing pressure-on Prince.

Prehistoric premier prejudges Pleistocene pretty boy
 probing proboscis producing profane propaganda
proposing propagation propriety.

Promoter promises proof
prostituting prostrate prosthesis pursuing pyramid scheme.

Pygmy pyorrhea putrefies parsley push-cart.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh-O, Opener’s

Oh-O, Opener’s

Overwrought octo-mom owns-up, offs obdurate OB-GYN.

Oblong oboe objects obsequiously-to octet overture overtone.

Octopus officiates-at one o’clock off-the-wall Olympics opening-at October ocean occurrence.

Opinionated opossum operates opposite otter orientation overriding ostrich.

Outlandish ornaments outline outhouse out-back.

Ovum outsmart ovary overtaking ovulation.

Opulent oval opal outshines odious old-maid.

Odometer oddity off-the-record.

Octogenarian oeuvre odyssey obtains offshore ocean oasis oozing oil.

Optimism orbits orchard origami ordaining organic orange order.

Osprey ordeal opens outlook outlawing oversight overseas.

Overrated oxymoron overstays officially overturning offensive octosyllabic offshoot.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Narcissistic N’s

Narcissistic N’s

Ninety nachos nail naked newt.

Nimble nanny goat needles nefarious nematode named Ned.

Name plate nuzzles narcissus narrowing down
 nasturtiums to national-seashore.

Nasty neurosis neuters newspaperman.

Nice nun nurtures naughty novice nursing nude novella.

Neighborhood network negotiates negativism.

Nazi naysayer navigates necromancy.

Neap tide notice necessitates noon-time nap.

Near-sighted nymph nibbles navel orange
neglecting nervy newcomer.

Noisy nightingale nips noteworthy night crawler.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Magnetic M’s

Magnetic M’s

Merry mermaid meets media maven, mixing merlot mimosas.

Mongoose muses- on miniscule mirror.

Multiple moose monkey-with moron meditating mindfully.

Magazine makes melee momentous.

Mad madam macramé’s Madonna.

Maggot magnet makes malodorous magpie merchandise.

Melancholy memory merchant mails
mellow music medley moving Makah males.

Malignant makeup malfunction maims mama.

Macadamia nut madrigal moves mademoiselle.

Malnourished muscle manipulating mongrel mystifies masses.

Make-believe memoir makes money maligning mandarin.

Maraschino marriage marbles marzipan.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sign-Clarity Pyramid


A hang loose greeting
in local tongue that means
Shaka brah, Right on tita!

“Proudly displayed on vintage T.”

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Photo Gallery on Fan Art Review

Two Clarity Pyramids---Mule & Dad

Clarity Pyramid

A poetry form designed and constructed by Jerry P. Quinn ( writer Jer4Clarity).
Usually, this poem is center aligned when displayed. The first triplet has 1, 2, and 3 syllables. The title of the poem is the one-syllable word of the
first triplet, which is displayed in all capital letters. This line is followed by a two-syllable line,
and then there is a three-syllable line, both of which clarifies the definition of the poem, or is a synonym for the title.
The second triplet has 5, 6, and 7 syllables. Its design is based around a life event contained
within the triplet which helps give a poetic view or outlook on the first line (title).
The last line is 8 syllables, and is in quotations as this line contains a quote that defines the first
word (title).


Stubborn animal
munches on grassy shoots
rubs rider against rock face.

“Revisiting Kalaupapa”


Tough and tenacious
insists on perfection
iron hands, warm caring heart.

“Dinner on table at five, sharp”

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chewing Gum-- ABCdarian

Chewing Gum



Chewed gum—yuck I can’t get it off my shoe!

Darn these

Espadrilles Aunt


Gus sighed

How is it that

I always manage to attract these sticky problems?

Just give me the damn phone

Kool-Aid’s fine by the way.

Let me just make this call

My cousin phoned  he thinks the world owes him.

Now where is that number?

Oh-here it is


Quite the situation

Really burns my butt

So stupid

That one, he still can’t get a job let alone walk and chew gum.

Unskilled and unorganized

Vacant, vain, vegetable

Worthless, wallowing, walrus

XY misfit, xenophobe

Yowling, yokel

Zigzagging through life like a zombie—SHIT-it’s busy!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Leaking L's

Leaking L’s

Labia’s labyrinth labeled, laconically lambasting lambda.

Lamenting lady lactates laboriously.

Labrador retriever laments lactic acid lacuna.

Loose language lassos lanky Luddite.

 Lantana laced landscape, lauds lavish lawn.

Laxative launches leak, leaving leather-neck leery.

Left-handed liberalism legitimizes lenient levy.

Libra licks licorice lickety-split.

Life’s linoleum loves lemons.

Lint line-up links loge locale.

Lonesome lollipop looms lost.

Loquacious lord lavishes lovely lubricant.

Lucky lunatic lures lusty Lutheran.

Logic lulls loud Lithuanian librarian.

Lyric links lovelorn loggerhead longevity.

Loitering loincloth leaves luau loopy.

Lop-sided looter loses lunch.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Keening K’s

Keening K’s

Kelp keeps keel-boat kaput.

Kama’aina kamikaze keynotes komodo-dragon.

Knockwurst knish kills king-pin.

K--Kaleidoscope kidnaps karmic kick-stand.

Kennel kid  kibbles kibitzer.

Kitty kisses knave, knees knight.

Kiwi-fruit kinetics knock-down kinsman.

Knicker kiosk kindles kaffee klatsch.

Kremlinologist kowtows kumquat krugerrand.

Koi kayo klutz.

Knowledgable kindergartener knits kooky knapsack.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Juxtaposing J’s

Juxtaposing J’s

Janitor jettisons jabberwocky jam-session.

Jazzy jaw-dropping jaybird jitterbugs jubilantly.

Joyful judge jots just journal.

Jury junkie judges juicy jellybean.

January juggernaut jumps June juncture juggling July.

Jacquard jukebox jostles junior.

Joe Six-pack’s journey jilts jingoism.

Joe Blow jousts Japanese jack-pot.

Jambalaya jalapeno jazzes jaunty jeopardy.

Jongleur jogs jonquil jungle.

Jockey joneses jeep jenny.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Refrigerator Logic--Six-word Memoirs

Rest in peace, once green veggie.

Activia rules in this frigid closet.

Shut the door, there’s a draft!

Cold closet seeking, warm leftover companion.

Be quiet, the eggs are sleeping!

Age matters, step to the front.

Seal your wrappers, eliminate dry rot.

Old dark companions, foment strange odors.

Soda shoots off mouth, fizzes out.

Check ice tray weekly, for blockage.

Sponsoring green—penicillin, apply in rear.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fire god

I took this photo last night as I watched the flames dancing in an outdoor pit!


Fire god

You are my drug,
the flame that licks my thighs
and sears me as you
order me about at your whim.
I am caught up in your glory.
I cannot see anything but you.
I do your bidding and loathe myself.
I am a puppet on a string.

I want you to be my friend
but you despise me.
You answer me
with your lies.
Your probing tongue
delivers cold venom,
courses through my veins
on a deliberate track that
hones in
on my heart and mind
with blinding speed,

screaming and

pleading for more,


I want to get away from you
but you entice me
with your dual personality.
Your kind side shows itself
and then slips away.
I am riding high on a wave
fierce like a locomotive
lurching past my youth
plunging headlong into damnation

over and over again.

I am in a maze
forever trapped in time
locked away
for safekeeping
in a secret chamber
of your empty soul.
I open my mouth to
no one hears.

My fingernails
leave a deep imprint.
Traces of my blood linger
and release another harbinger
intent on

My tomb lies broken,
my hairless corpse smolders,
my bones are encased in blistering bile.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Interpreting I’s

Interpreting I’s

Idle iconoclast identifies Icelandic Ice-Man.

Indian ideology idealizes isolated isthmus.

Ill-mannered ibis impede ibex.

Impassioned idiot idolizes imagist.

Igloo irregularity ignites irate investigation.

Immobile iguana immolated, invoking intense image.

Impressionist imprints incestuous incisor.

Indecisive index finger incrusted indecorously.

Indifferent industry initiates injustice.

Insatiable inquisitive inn-keeper inspires insomniac.

Institute instructs intramural interplanetary intercourse.

Insurance intent insults intelligence.

Inner-ear interference invites invention.

Intoxicated intestine invalidates invasive invitation.

Islamic islander irradiates ISBN issue.

Itinerant IUD iterates itself in Italian.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Harpooning H’s

Harpooning H’s

Haiku habit harkens hard-bound harmony.

Hail hallowed halter hanging-on hopeful hangar.

Hands-on handyman harpoons harem.

Happy harp harbor hawks hashish harvest.

Head-banger headquarters heightens heady heat-stroke.

Hello –Herr Heimlich!!

Hilda heralds hemorrhoid hemorrhage halted-in hind-most hemisphere.

Hibiscus hiccup highlights high-technology.

Hexameter hints-at historic hideaway.

Hispanic Hopi Hindu hippy hooks humble Hungarian Hun hunchback husband.

Humor hyperdermic hydrates humanity.

Hyperbole hypnotizes hypersensitive hippo.

Writing Retreat

****Awarded the Rain Bird 2010 Kolekolea Honorable Mention in Poetry

I look forward

each month to return to
Hale Akoakoa
at Windward Community College
for my regular shot of
my special coffee mug
with her enthusiasm

to share
listen and
be challenged.

To explore-- this strange new country
called writing,
jam-packed with strong verbs, and syntax
bubbling from a practiced source.

To discover my own special voice.

As I venture
into uncharted
atriums and lanais
sheltered by banyan trees,
while grinding on
chocolate chip cookies
and cherries.

To boldly go
on a
lyrical expedition,
and a heart stopping
of cock a doodle doo.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Garnering G's

Garnering G’s

Gallic gadflies gaff gallant gamecock gauging galley.

Garrulous game garners gangplank.

Garden gargoyle garrotes garter snake.

Geisha gets gaudy gazebo, ghastly garden.

Ghetto gentrification gives gauche gatecrasher generous grade.

Gecko geek genially genuflects, gleaning gender.

Glacier glass gleams grace.

Goose gossip grades gradualism.

Group grinds gorp.

Grape gratis greets grimace.

Gross grub groans gruff grocer!

Guacamole gulch guarantees guerilla guidance.

Gutsy Gurkha grasps guava guitar.

Gesundheit--giant germ!

Gleeful girdle give-away, girlfriends giggle gladly.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Forking F's

Continuing on my journey through the alphabet!!

Forking F’s

Fabian faces-off fancy falcon famous for fatal faux pas.

Federal featherweight father’s feral feline.

Ferocious female finds fence favorite feature.

Flaccid ferret flashback’s following festival field-testing flannel.

Filipino film figure fillets Finnish fish, finds fleshy finger tip fondue.

Frisky flirt fondles florid floozy.

Flypaper font foments frenzied folk-art.

Foreign foreclosure foreshadows four-square foul-up.

Frantic fowl free frisky friend.

Frightful four-o’clock  fracas fricassees frog.

Fugitive from fudge factory furthers futurism.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Enlisting E’s

FYI--this month , my twelvth month of writing a poem a day,

I'm going through the alphabet--stretching a bit with my friend Merriam-Webster (dictionary)

Enlisting E’s

Engaging  elusive elands
elbow room elegance,
embrace emollient emissions.

Emir’s emerald
embroils emissary
eating enchilada.

Endangered enclave ends epic erection.

Elite ermine erase erogenous Elizabethan era evangelizing elk.

Egret elixir experiment explodes exponentially.

Egregious ethernet euphoria excludes
eighty ethnic European elders.

Evangelist excogitates exceptional expletive
exhibits eyeball.

Ezra extracts
elephantine eyewitness eliciting
elevator elegy.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dealing D's

FYI--this month , my twelvth month of writing a poem a day,
I'm going through the alphabet--stretching a bit with my friend Merriam-Webster (dictionary)

Dealing D’s

Dainty debutante dabbles daily, dribbling drama.

Damask dandelion decor decoded, drawn dominantly defining domicile.

Defiant definition decrys democratic deficit, dividing district.

Diphthong diplomacy doesn't deter dedicated dairyman.

Dinosaur dioxin disease deceitfully delivered disguises dumping duct.

Disagreeable disc jockey drifts dreamlike, drenching druid.

Disclaimer discerned daring Darwin database.

Duplicity duress dysfunction delivers dauntless dead end.

Dry-run disarmament dumbfounds duenna duly dudgeoned.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Culling C’s

Culling C’s

Captivating carambola caresses
caribou caricature.

Careworn caregiver carves casaba carp.

Caribbean carnage catapults cataclysm.

Cautious cauliflower caws celibacy.

Cerulean cetaceans challenge chimera.

Chimpanzee chimes chilly chorus.

Chrysanthemum cloisonné clearance closeout.

Close-knit clique clones club-sandwich.

Costumed Cossack counts coyote.

Creature craves credit.

Crocodile cultivates cyst.

Boogie Fever

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Meadow Pause

Bossy B’s

Bossy B's

Bill’s biplane
buzzes blind blond bombshell.

Blowsy blueprint
boasts blue-cheese.

Blue whale boggles

Bonze boos boodle.

Bonny buxom bookworm
butters butcher.

Bumptious Bookie
bugs bookseller.

Boor borrows breast plate
brakes bramble branch.

Biological breach
breeds bucolic buddy.

Bulky buttock
bypasses Byzantine bystander.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Warrior Cat

Go to
to see my poem, published 5-7-10

Accruing A's

Accruing A’s

Aseptic arm
articulates assertive
abeyance astride

Abandoned arboretum abuts
arid archipelago
anticipating anticlimax.

Antique apothecary
appends appalling
Antler art.

Adios, Adieu, Arrivederce,
Auf Wiedersehn

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Paradise Found

I’m calling down my muse.

He’s calling up the ocean’s warrior fish.

The carp swim.

The tilapias continue to breed.

The golden koi fountain shoots water 24/7

calming the inner crimson and

the outside world dissolves

into pink, indigo

and jade.

The days roll by

flipping their tails at us


jumping and splashing

in spring fed ponds


plum orchids

basting orange

bromeliads and

healthy green papaya


in the sun.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gray Dawn

Gray dawn yanks down the covers

and proceeds to pour in light

 shifting the mask.

Emerald cliffs loom from the shadows

sharp points and dark outlines

line up and

demand recognition

as green splashes against gray

waving at an orange beauty

by the water’s edge

blushing content

from the notice.

Monday, May 3, 2010

MOM--Six Word Memoirs

Calms outbursts tucks hanky in sleeve.

A safe port in fierce storm.

Irreplaceable treasure, guards key to contentment.

Uses Seeing Eye dog when necessary.

Pulls rabbits out of hats daily.

The best medicine, money can buy.

Unpaid cook, maid, and phone operator.

Domestic goddess trained on the job.

Gray hair, chipped nails, bright smile.

Sensitive tornado sweeps away unreasonable conflict.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

MAY SLips in

May slips in unannounced


bringing style and verve

as last month’s voice loiters

in a sad corridor

released from the cast.

A bouquet of white and purple lilac follows

freshly cut and arranged.

Their sweet scent lingers

long into the night


young noses


a new song.

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