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Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Fresh Impression

Maybe I should pull it
out of my ass;
the unwritten memoir
the poems
the pain
the not soon-to-be forgotten winter that refuses to end.

My friend  said she would shoot herself in the face
except for the dog
her personal savior
who lost weight this winter
loves to dance in the snow
the white powder
glistening on its wet nose, shepherd’s rescued tail, shiny fur
me to strip
off my inner gloom
and take that first nose-dive  into the past.

Into the still stark white
as I strain
squeezing out excrement, snot and saliva
as black letters bleed-out across the page
combing through the drift
shaking off the bad   
compressing it all into a snow angel
its fragile wings
broadcasting a somber  joy
emerging playful 
and puckish
plummeting    headlong     into the mound.


Sunday, October 20, 2013


They all mean well
they are just busy.

Don’t you love that word
It’s the #trending excuse for not prying.

To answer one of your many questions and address your
temporary state of un-busyness;
I am happy with my choices
Yes, life is short
and winter is fast approaching
and twill be cold outside
in the frigid North.
Thankfully, I am not homeless
or penniless
or winter would be dreadful indeed.
Got to run now

I am  #busy.

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