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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter with Family

Easter with Family

We are gathered here this weekend,  to gorge on the solid chocolate Easter Bunny. 
Let the jelly bellies roll
and not overtake the spiral Ham, a stout fellow who did not receive a pardon from the president.
Let us bow our heads, to the Lady Godiva chocolate raspberry bar at Macys and pray that the weather be sunny and warm but not too warm lest the peanut butter and chocolate eggs melt inside our Spring designer handbags.
Let us run not walk over the Mid-Hudson Bridge to Poughkeepsie to catch the latest sale at TJMax because their Fashionista bathing suits come in eye catching tummy control.
AND because shopping in this family is not a trial, it is a weekly event and available on easy pay from QVC.
So pack your wet naps and save your coupons because the sale isn't over until after the Fit lady sings, Jesus comes back, OR whatever! Get a clue, people!
Ready girls, can I get an Amen and a bunny hop across the floor from the hungry eaters who have already inhaled two bags of chips and salsa and slurped down ALL the Skinny Margarita’s?
It is official New York, the diet is off ….and just two more 30% off shopping days at Kohl’s. 
Happy Easter Everybody! Let the feasting begin!

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