Tuesday, April 22, 2014

National Poetry Month Day 21

My poem is featured today!!!

Sweet Persephone

Like Persephone,   I wait
for Spring,     to burst.
Can one exchange   one’s cloth,
or clay heart
rewind to,       once was
get a do over
stop falling.


Art of the Week Day 4 "Green Room"

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Starting with Right

“Start with what is right, rather than what is acceptable.”~Franz Kafka

Starting with Right

It was the right door
spinning in the wrong direction
right to help
wrong to take advantage
right to give
wrong to take too much
right to love
wrong to give up everything
right to take a risk
wrong to die for a craving
right to live in peace
wrong to take a hostage
it was the right sacrifice
the wrong life.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter with Family

Easter with Family

We are gathered here this weekend,  to gorge on the solid chocolate Easter Bunny. 
Let the jelly bellies roll
and not overtake the spiral Ham, a stout fellow who did not receive a pardon from the president.
Let us bow our heads, to the Lady Godiva chocolate raspberry bar at Macys and pray that the weather be sunny and warm but not too warm lest the peanut butter and chocolate eggs melt inside our Spring designer handbags.
Let us run not walk over the Mid-Hudson Bridge to Poughkeepsie to catch the latest sale at TJMax because their Fashionista bathing suits come in eye catching tummy control.
AND because shopping in this family is not a trial, it is a weekly event and available on easy pay from QVC.
So pack your wet naps and save your coupons because the sale isn't over until after the Fit lady sings, Jesus comes back, OR whatever! Get a clue, people!
Ready girls, can I get an Amen and a bunny hop across the floor from the hungry eaters who have already inhaled two bags of chips and salsa and slurped down ALL the Skinny Margarita’s?
It is official New York, the diet is off ….and just two more 30% off shopping days at Kohl’s. 
Happy Easter Everybody! Let the feasting begin!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dismissing Insults

“Re-examine all that you have been told. Dismiss that which insults your soul.”~Walt Whitman

Dismissing Insults

That would be karmic
if the soul could reexamine all that it’s been told
could dismiss insults
walk around as if
the world couldn't touch it
the crux of the matter
is the soul is not insult-free
nor does it wear a ball gown.
On most days
it has to pay the toll
before it can get out of jail, travel to exotic places
before it is free to move around the Monopoly board
accumulate properties
build wealth
behold beauty, wrap its arms around it, draw it near
It would get frostbite
here in New York
have to develop a tougher skin
build a bigger closet
to store all its stuff
especially now
since the earth is warming
The soul would need galoshes in every color of the rainbow for the mad, wet, frigid Spring days here, for when its ego is insulted. The long days when the puddles deepen to small lakes, reflecting back on the crooked branch in its family tree
a snarled thorny Kiawe, longing for a totally blank bank to rest on.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The End As We Know It

Hark, for the end times are upon us
most will sleep through it
right up to the part where we can no longer
fill up the tank and drive to WalMart, or anywhere.
The 30% off coupon at Kohl’s
will expire right along with
our lifestyle
causing our evil twins to rise
like the Zombies that they are
instinctual, without a conscience, profanely
walking the earth
unable to find simple antibiotics or aspirin
back to fire without matches
Cigarettes, obesity and GMO’s won’t kill us
but the seniors living in tunnels and caves after electricity, searching for a triple A battery, might.

And if any survive
within three generations
they may revert back to
wearing animal skins
and wielding stone knives
their incisors will lengthen
and their focus will be singular;
their new communal directive will be to

track down the Mormon pantry and something called a can opener.

Inspired by James Howard Kunstler at the 2014 Woodstock Writer's Festival

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