Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chicken Speak--To Be Or Not To Be

that is the question.
Whether tis nobler to walk
on egg shells
or rather
to boldly strut
cock fierce.

To plant one foot in the hen house
and the other
at the foxes lair
super Gumby
and strength.

Or to simply roost
in the nearest Mango tree
of Iowa corn fields
sinewy stalks
crunchy kernels
liberally sprinkled
with red lipped white grubs.

And to fertilize
with flair
that extra special egg
the one
that stands out from the rest.

The good egg

that breaks the mold
that breaks wind
with a certain HEN NA SAIS QUOI!

That one egg
that exemplifies

That one egg
that the others
defer to
when things get

That one egg
that flies in the face of
and comes out
like a ham.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fresh Meat

and I say this loosely
who start anew
later in life
like in our 50’s
realize the ramifications
of our actions
but we proceed into deep space anyway.
We press on with resolve and courage
because we know
that time
keeps running ahead
and the best that we can do is
try to keep up.
Call me
and something other than normal.

I just need
to go over the hurdles
a little slower
and every once in awhile
I enjoy
a good swift kick
to get me started
because the doubters
bring big suitcases
build shells
then like to tuck them
into deep niches and hang out
demanding telescopes and mirrors
with plenty of extra batteries
to focus beyond the present
into the blacker than black void
to ping in mathematical sequences
and then to listen
with a bit of trepidation
for some sign of intelligence and wit
so they can  share
the miracle of
a verse
or some meaty prose
with their friends. 

Not forgetting  the remnant
who exist in the outer reaches of space and time
who are voracious  for new material.
who act as if they have not heard a good story
in eons.

The ancient ones
who have endured
for centuries
like birds of prey
on dry carrion
who will continue to exist
long after
our dusty bones
lie frozen
on a cold dead planet
hurtling through space.

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