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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tiki Cartouche

Tiki Cartouche

a distant cousin, way far removed of Katya’s,
had friends
important gods from the realm of tikidom.
He was not someone to mess with
Tiki Cartouche was a fishing GOD!
Suzy Pacu from South America knew
even the Japanese koi twins, Hiroshi and Sachi
banked left
when they saw his face
above the water peering down at them
pondering today’s method for their demise.
They shit little fish pellets
when they escaped
bubbling over a Guinness
with friends on Fishbrook
and when Sachi
Fishtagrammed a pic of that massively ugly face
peering down into their living room
it horrified them even more.
Astounding what with progress and all
they were still being terrorized
by that wooden man wearing shell earrings, with shells for eyes.
Lucy the catfish had looked once, had reported of
the hulking shadow, had heard the loud drone beyond and
sitting atop his shoulders numerous white angelic creatures with wings
Lucy was smart; she had called them cattle egrets, which had mystified them all, they were certainly outnumbered. it was bad enough they had to watch for Sadie the
fish hawk, who oft times dropped her prey onto the muddy banks. Sadie had cannibalized poor Archie in front of all of them. Archie had been in denial about his weight problem.
Better to be safe Lucy had said
and whatever you do
don’t stare into Tiki’s eyes or he will pluck them out and shell you.
OMG, what is shell! they gasped among themselves, for no-one wanted to admit they didn't know,
as they swished about the pond panic stricken, burying themselves inches below the mud.

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