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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazon Cloud

Just think
a cloud in cyberspace
pink and fluffy
no storms
no lightning
no rain
just white wispy platforms
floating in a blue field.

And you are tiny—and SKINNY
safely spinning round
smiling and laughing
and dancing to
the syncopated
do wop day glow
of a Bali autumn night.

Diddly bop
Scooby dooby doo
scaz fraz, raz ma taz and you are caught-up
in a time warp
where everyone is young
and a half dozen orthopedic shoes
swing on a clothesline along with
black and white oxfords
and toe shoes

Daddle waddle ding dong
shoo-do-doo- woosh wow whee,
bam-bub-bee, zoosk zoos-zingin
And now you are in Macchu Picchu
twisting with Chubby Checker
and you get it—you’re connected to the source.

Blaze a blingin
tootin and scootin
without a care
tripping lightly
down the stair
with long flaxen hair
flawless skin
and your butt, hips and thighs
make grown men drool
cause your flying without a license
fresh out of school
you are so cool
and SOOO flexible.

Then you sneeze
and break the spell
and you are back
but for a few syncopated moments
you were at the center of the cosmos.

A universe unto yourself and
it was HEAVEN
and Life is Like That
when your head is in a cloud
and you’re wearing rose colored reading glasses
and earphones with a mic.

Can you hear me now?
Shimmy shimmy
bing bang bong.
Crank it up, Babe
I can still hear myself

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