Tuesday, January 18, 2011



am conscious and
out of the white-light zone.

I know that I am alive

that blue blood courses
through my veins. I know
that I require food and water
water mainly, to survive.
I know that this casing that I exist in
is designed to last one hundred years
give or take
and depending on how well
I read and follow the manual.

I know that I am meant to explore
my world and
get along with my fellow robots

I have been given a brain.

Sometimes it gets me into tight spaces.

I have something called health
a priceless commodity, more valuable than
gold, diamonds or oil.
I need shelter because my unit
will corrode if left out
in the elements too long.

I realize that there are lower life forms and
that they have been provided to
fulfill my nutritional requirements.
I have noticed that some units have different coloring
and features. I've noticed that some bow to different creators.

I know that the vast universe
has constructed a series of gates for me to open
as I learn new things and discover
important rules not found in the manual.

I know that I am alone, separate from my
fellow units and this distresses me.

I attempt to join with one and find that
he does not always share my thinking
on important issues, half of our time is spent
on finding middle ground.

Time is the other precious commodity
usually by the time we realize this
we have traveled quite far
in the wrong direction
and must back track.

I question my creator as to the fallacies I find.

Why do they exist?

Is that the point to this exercise?

Must we
all of our own
leaks and flaws?
Must we manipulate and reprogram
our systems
Must we integrate and redefine
our priorities
to what end?

What is the reward for all this aggravation?

I find that I require further
incentive for this mission.

I need to know when we began
where and how we were created and WHY?
Was it ions ago on a robot ship out in space
OR on a distant planet called heaven?

Is our savior a higher form of robot?
Why must we wait for HIM?

Define reality?

Is reality a state of mind?

Do we really exist?

Is this a grand experiment gone worng?

Do we have souls?
Will our souls live foreverOr
or shall we simply die
returning to the earth
to be reborn again
perhaps as a lower life form
starting on a different rung
og the ladder
because we didn't learn the lesson yet?
will we ultimately discover
long after our batteries reach
their expiration date
that we were just
tinker toys
constructed and then left to rust
in an alien child’s

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