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Sunday, April 6, 2014


Inspired by  Jennifer Clement author of, Prayers for the Stolen

in human cargo;
Girls, mostly.
Shuffling them
like a deck of cards
beauty queens
traded to the highest bidder
and then traded again.
Pirated cargo
sold, reshuffled
cut and re-cut
until cynical
and finally sent to jail
to be reformed.
All to keep
the monsters fed
voracious gluttons
who would eat their own mothers
for a filling of gold.

Where is Noah?

Beauty is lost
behind black and blue.
It forgets the green field
the smell of fresh dahlias
the taste of pomegranates
it decays when
sliced up and passed among those
whose foul hearts reek.

Where is Noah?
And how long
before the rains come


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