Friday, January 14, 2011

Eviction Notice

I am Mother Earth.

Stop pissing on me.

My trees are drenched
with your ooze.

Nasty children
always whining
why can’t you play
with one another?
I have tried my best
to show you
what will happen
if you don’t clean up
after yourselves.

You will have to suffer.

Look at my poor fish
and the water has turned
an ugly shade of brown.

there are huge plastic
islands floating
in the pacific,
further evidence
of your illegitimate offspring.

I’m waiting for your explanation.

There are mutilated and
mutated dead everywhere.

You want to see fireworks?

I’m afraid sending you
to your rooms
will not be stiff
enough punishment.

Do you hear me?

Your deliverance is coming.

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