Chicken Scratch: Bridging The Gap, A Poultry/Poetry Slam

Chicken Scratch:Bridging the Gap, a Poultry Poetry Slam

Also airing on Olelo:
Friday, Sept 28th 9:00 pm channel 52
Wednesday, Oct. 3rd 11:30am channel 49
Thursday Oct. 4th 8:00 am channel 49
Friday, Oct. 5th  3:30 pm. channel 52

**Extra special Mahalo to Professor Bob Barclay from Windward Community College's English Department for loaning us Rain Bird's  Mascot- Katsu! We couldn't have done our chicken dance without him! ROCK ON!!

"I would like to dedicate this video to all the men and women still suffering from Addiction. We can all use some help now and again, sometimes it comes from friends and family, sometimes from a stranger, reminding me of the old series Highway to Heaven starring Michael Landon; the life you touch may be your own. I'm leaving my light on." ~ Connie DeDona

Chicken Scratch: is Poetry, Dance, Music and just plain FUN!! 

"Why did the Chickens cross the Bridge? To get to the Poultry Slam, of course!" 
"Why do Chickens scratch dirt? Concrete is too hard on their nails" ~ Connie DeDona

Chicken Scratch is also a PSA on GM (genetically modified) food

Protect yourself; YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!! Choose Non-GM food
There are four major GM foods: soy, corn, cottonseed, and canola. They entered our food supply about 12 years ago and are likely contributing to the deteriorating health of Americans. Without any human clinical trials or post-marketing surveillance, we can't tell which declining health statistic may be due to these foods. But we also can't afford to wait to find out. GM foods must be removed from our diet now. To learn which foods are genetically modified and how better to protect yourselves, visit:

Special Thanks to the following Habilitat Staff and Residents

Jeff Nash—Habilitat Facility Director, Olelo Producer (and the film crew)
Sarah S.-Habilitat Liaison Coordinator--Dancer, Actor, Poet
Shawn H.-(aka Katsu)-Dancer, Poet
Natalie M.- poet
Thomas M.-poet
Christina O.- poet
Brett. G.- poet
Judges--John, Dane and Caroline
Artist (Chicken ART Posters)--Krystal A.

Set Design Facilitator--Capt. Tommy DeDona

Connie DeDona is an Author, Poet and Slam Artist

She is the author of six books including Letters to a Prisoner by Connie D., released in Jan 2011; required reading at Habilitat-the place of change, where she also leads a poetry group. She first appeared at First Thursday's Fresh Café Poetry Slam hosted by Kealoha in October of 2010. Published since 2008 in Rain Bird, Windward Community College's award winning annual journal, her poems and photography have also been published in various online and print magazines. Her recently released book Meadow Pause Revisited by Cornelia CONNIE D. DeDona: , is available internationally on and as an e-book, and has already received praiseworthy reviews. Connie's blog and Web site:http://www.conniededona.com

Marcia Zina Mager is an author, journalist, poet, award-winning mixed-media artist, as well as performance artist. She has performed at Fresh Café's First Thursday Slam events, Aloha Tower Marketplace, HPU, and The Venue. She studied improvisation with Academy-Award-winning actor, Alan Arkin, and at Chinatown's Laugh track Theatre. Her international best-seller, BELIEVING IN FAERIES: A Manual for Grown-ups, is now available as an e-book, along with her trendy 31 Words to Create an Organized Life. Marcia's most recent creative project is a new sixty minute performance piece titled, WHO THE BLEEP AM I? (A personal, poetic, musical, humorous AND serious exploration of true identity). 

Visit her at

"Hi Connie, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last night. You pulled together a wonderful, funny, inspired program about poultry! You're a wonderful writer, with depth, and humor, and I think it was a great success! I'm glad I was there. Thanks again for inviting me." ~Marcia Zina Mager

Jonathan Clarke Sypert is grateful for the blessing of being introduced to the performing arts by his mother Shirley Sypert, a noted Broadway star from the '70s; and to have been fortunate enough to make his living for over 20 years where he was raised, right here in Hawai'i. He is a professional performing artist, as well as, a performing arts instructor at The Movement Center, Kaiser High School IB Program, Maryknoll Elementary and for the Punahou Pueo Program and the Punahou Dance School. He played Seaweed in HAIRSPRAY at Diamond Head Theater, has acted on Hawaii Five-0 and LOST; sang with Henry Kapono, Hot Club of Hulaville, Subtonic Bump Orchestra; danced with Tau Dance Theatre, Honolulu Ballet Theater; and produces and performs Hip Hop music; and is the Founder and Head Facilitator of the community outreach program Forward Motion. Find him on Facebook at:

"Connie, it was such a pleasure to come out and interact with the residents." Mahalo Nui Loa~ Jonathan Clarke Sypert 

**Also special thanks to Brian Murphy (chicken skit with Jonathan Clarke-Sypert)

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