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Friday, December 16, 2011

Wrapping up the Year with a Corny Poem

I need a treetop ornament
an angel
a star
something decorative
to wrap the bald top of the tree
and tacky, plastic or fake won't do.
I need a special combination
a mixer
to swirl my feelings
so they don’t disperse unnoticed.

This Christmas
I am wrapping up my wishes
sizing up my resolutions
placing a tall order for
continued health,
and a truckload of happiness
mixed with a heaping man shovel of joy
because it isn’t about shopping at the mall
exchanging cards or how original your gift is
It is about the time
we cement
crafting our relationships
eating, talking, crying and giggling
because the best gifts
we give and receive  freely
without any wasted gravel or sand.
And the water is slowly added
to make sure good it is of good consistency
and then it is
packed down and smoothed
packed down and smoothed
packed down and smoothed
because it takes a lifetime to
to get  to the stage where
they will love you
no matter what you do.
so keep the cement turning
and don't let it dry out.
It's worth it!
And one day you will be able to look back
and admire the foundation. The foundation
of a life built through effort and self-discipline
from blood, sweat, and tears
and years of mixing, packing,
and smoothing over,
carefully erasing the cracks
erasing the faults
erasing the pain
of stiff joints
aching backs
and loss,
strong unions
built on the promises
of honest caring,
and love.

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