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Saturday, April 12, 2014

The End As We Know It

Hark, for the end times are upon us
most will sleep through it
right up to the part where we can no longer
fill up the tank and drive to WalMart, or anywhere.
The 30% off coupon at Kohl’s
will expire right along with
our lifestyle
causing our evil twins to rise
like the Zombies that they are
instinctual, without a conscience, profanely
walking the earth
unable to find simple antibiotics or aspirin
back to fire without matches
Cigarettes, obesity and GMO’s won’t kill us
but the seniors living in tunnels and caves after electricity, searching for a triple A battery, might.

And if any survive
within three generations
they may revert back to
wearing animal skins
and wielding stone knives
their incisors will lengthen
and their focus will be singular;
their new communal directive will be to

track down the Mormon pantry and something called a can opener.

Inspired by James Howard Kunstler at the 2014 Woodstock Writer's Festival

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