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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Political Ticks

One may misinterpret this lone star tick
for another
do not be so hasty.
If he is allowed to rule
that may be your last self-governing choice.

Make no mistake
this tick is tricky and nasty
it can and will make you sick.
Not to be mistaken for the deer tick or the brown dog tick
which is something else entirely?

This spangled lone star tick
has orange hair
and bigly incisors
which it sharpens
on a wit tick
a new tick on the block
not funny at all
it has an even smaller stick
if you get my drift
which I sense is why this Lone Star
lacks any standards at all.

Don’t let it kiss your babies.

In my unbiased opinion
this tick
will only trick
the nitwits
infecting us all with
nervous Party ticks.

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