Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Foundation Class

*** I took a Basic Handgun Skills Class yesterday and highly recommend it to all my friends.
For more info:

When you’re a woman
and you hear the words
foundation class
the first thing that comes to mind
isn’t necessarily
the proper and safe
use of a handgun
but in this day
and age
it isn’t a bad thing
to learn.

Basic handgun skills train
you how to survive
a deadly encounter.

Sight alignment and trigger control
are the two most important things
to know when using a firearm.

You will learn to protect yourself by
carrying a knife
and having pepper spray in your car.

This is the mark of a savvy woman.

Employing Ooda Loop
an acronym for





and knowing how to break one
will prepare you for potential threats.

Proper mindset and being prepared
isn’t just for Girl Scouts
and terrorists.

These skills will keep you ALIVE.

Get out of the White--no perception zone
and into the yellow—relaxed awareness state.

Look around, use all of your senses.

Be alert.

FOCUS IN on your environment.
You may be AMAZED at
what you have been MISSING.

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