Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Enlisting E’s

FYI--this month , my twelvth month of writing a poem a day,

I'm going through the alphabet--stretching a bit with my friend Merriam-Webster (dictionary)

Enlisting E’s

Engaging  elusive elands
elbow room elegance,
embrace emollient emissions.

Emir’s emerald
embroils emissary
eating enchilada.

Endangered enclave ends epic erection.

Elite ermine erase erogenous Elizabethan era evangelizing elk.

Egret elixir experiment explodes exponentially.

Egregious ethernet euphoria excludes
eighty ethnic European elders.

Evangelist excogitates exceptional expletive
exhibits eyeball.

Ezra extracts
elephantine eyewitness eliciting
elevator elegy.

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