Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chewing Gum-- ABCdarian

Chewing Gum



Chewed gum—yuck I can’t get it off my shoe!

Darn these

Espadrilles Aunt


Gus sighed

How is it that

I always manage to attract these sticky problems?

Just give me the damn phone

Kool-Aid’s fine by the way.

Let me just make this call

My cousin phoned  he thinks the world owes him.

Now where is that number?

Oh-here it is


Quite the situation

Really burns my butt

So stupid

That one, he still can’t get a job let alone walk and chew gum.

Unskilled and unorganized

Vacant, vain, vegetable

Worthless, wallowing, walrus

XY misfit, xenophobe

Yowling, yokel

Zigzagging through life like a zombie—SHIT-it’s busy!

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