Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fire god

I took this photo last night as I watched the flames dancing in an outdoor pit!


Fire god

You are my drug,
the flame that licks my thighs
and sears me as you
order me about at your whim.
I am caught up in your glory.
I cannot see anything but you.
I do your bidding and loathe myself.
I am a puppet on a string.

I want you to be my friend
but you despise me.
You answer me
with your lies.
Your probing tongue
delivers cold venom,
courses through my veins
on a deliberate track that
hones in
on my heart and mind
with blinding speed,

screaming and

pleading for more,


I want to get away from you
but you entice me
with your dual personality.
Your kind side shows itself
and then slips away.
I am riding high on a wave
fierce like a locomotive
lurching past my youth
plunging headlong into damnation

over and over again.

I am in a maze
forever trapped in time
locked away
for safekeeping
in a secret chamber
of your empty soul.
I open my mouth to
no one hears.

My fingernails
leave a deep imprint.
Traces of my blood linger
and release another harbinger
intent on

My tomb lies broken,
my hairless corpse smolders,
my bones are encased in blistering bile.

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