Thursday, May 13, 2010

Garnering G's

Garnering G’s

Gallic gadflies gaff gallant gamecock gauging galley.

Garrulous game garners gangplank.

Garden gargoyle garrotes garter snake.

Geisha gets gaudy gazebo, ghastly garden.

Ghetto gentrification gives gauche gatecrasher generous grade.

Gecko geek genially genuflects, gleaning gender.

Glacier glass gleams grace.

Goose gossip grades gradualism.

Group grinds gorp.

Grape gratis greets grimace.

Gross grub groans gruff grocer!

Guacamole gulch guarantees guerilla guidance.

Gutsy Gurkha grasps guava guitar.

Gesundheit--giant germ!

Gleeful girdle give-away, girlfriends giggle gladly.

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