Friday, May 21, 2010

Leaking L's

Leaking L’s

Labia’s labyrinth labeled, laconically lambasting lambda.

Lamenting lady lactates laboriously.

Labrador retriever laments lactic acid lacuna.

Loose language lassos lanky Luddite.

 Lantana laced landscape, lauds lavish lawn.

Laxative launches leak, leaving leather-neck leery.

Left-handed liberalism legitimizes lenient levy.

Libra licks licorice lickety-split.

Life’s linoleum loves lemons.

Lint line-up links loge locale.

Lonesome lollipop looms lost.

Loquacious lord lavishes lovely lubricant.

Lucky lunatic lures lusty Lutheran.

Logic lulls loud Lithuanian librarian.

Lyric links lovelorn loggerhead longevity.

Loitering loincloth leaves luau loopy.

Lop-sided looter loses lunch.

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