Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trending Pointless

I admit it
I am
not the sharpest knife
in the drawer.
Actually I hail from
a whole set
of dull knives.

In fact, the sharpest one
is currently afflicted with
a pitting problem. No cure
missing some stainless parts
if you know what I mean.

It is surprising
shocking really
that not even one
sibling in the drawer
has an ounce of steel  
or any hidden alloy
of any cutting edge value.

when the big guy upstairs
was doling out sharpeners
we all
skipped class.

I must admit-- I’m worried  
the makeup exam
appears to involve
massive pumpkins
and no one’s trained
in carving
except of course
our distant cousin
an ancient
serrated edge
with a long handle
sketching a subliminal

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