Monday, September 5, 2011

Tall, Thin, Young and Gassy—pidgin poem

One sistah from Kahaluu
into da
banyan tree
next to da
Hygenic Store.

She waitin on Kimo
da kine moke neva even
graduate Castle High School.

Da tita
get one zit da size
of one forklift
on top her
Pretty soon
she gonna pop da bugga
da ting going ooze
and she going use 'um fo
fill-in da kine words
into dat tree.

Words like
I gonna get you fo dis, KIMO
I not playin wit you
no more games-- gangsta.
I like wrap your brains round dis tree
wat you tink, I no life.
You tink I
going stay hea foreva.

So she tink and she write
some ting else into dat tree
dat no one eva going forget.

It say,
Kimo like sleep
wit ladies undawea on, cuz
he got one ting for -- red lace BVD’S

Dat going fix da bugga.

She smiling now
like she wen release
one huge
onolicious fart.

“Kay den, she say,
my work
pau hea
wea  you like go?”

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