Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to Captain Tommy D.

**My husband is 65 today!!
Tommy D is the man for me

His abs are  rock hard
He loves his yard
He knows his way
around my heart

Girl, he sure can cook
he’s really smart.

Tommy D. is the man for me.

He loves his dogs
he gives them treats
He brings them home
raw fish and meat

A man of his word
poetic and proud
surely outspoken
stands out in the crowd.

Yes Tommy D is the man for me.

Obsessed to
not get it, in the ass
Tommy exudes his own kind of class
He wants what he wants
He gets what he gets
So yuz better listen
don’t yuz forget

Tommy D he’s the man for me.

Gone fishing today with
the Habilitat boys
Tommy’s fish catch
all will enjoy

Yes Tommy D is the man for me.

A hard man to live with
his visions are high
He’ll have you
eyes seeking
the sky.

The why
still blurred
in your sharp head
is clear to him
a leader misread.

Yes Tommy D. is the man for me.

So, as sure as Popeye loves his Olive oil
I’ll stand by my man, I'll be his goil
Cos no one’s perfect, I’m sure you’ll agree

Yes Tommy D is the man for me.

And they lived Happily Eva Afta!!

The End

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