Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Flying Hawaiian- A Tribute

Can Do’s fly into storms to penetrate eye wall’s
named Dennis, Felix, Frances, Gustav, Ike, Ivan, Jean, Katrina,
Ophelia, Paloma, and Rita.
Can do’s stick out their tongues to catch snowflakes while remote sensing gamma radiation in Minnesota.
Can do’s prepare in advance for the what if’s.
Can not’s-- wait for the little fat man in the lederhosen to go back into his side of the house.

Can Do’s are born in July.
They graduate from U.H with a BS in Meteorology
and from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
doing their graduate studies in Aeronautical Science
They Captain—their “middle-age.”
Can Do’s worked at the
National Marine Fishery Service
where they caught seals and sea turtles.
Can not’s Captain leaky dinghies-- catching dry rot and algae.

Can Do’s commanded NOAA ships
like the John N. Cobb and the Morgan Freeman.
Can not’s command accessories-- like THE REMOTE.

Can Do’s collect data and
observe derelict gill nets in order
to predict the drift of the ocean’s marine debris.
Can not’s predict how many cubic inches
it takes-- to hold a case of BUD.

Can Do’s play slack key music.
Can not’s-- play air guitars.

Can Do’s LOVE deep sea fishing
Can not’s-- left their rain gear at home
while fishing for some spare change.

Can Do’s stick their necks into tight places.
Can not’s are still stuck in the 70’s.

Can Do’s make goals and become Captain’s and Chief Science Officer’s.
Can not’s make goals to grow some Kona gold and may go back to get their GED
after they finish all the Oreos and the chocolate chip ice-cream.

Can do’s make their parents proud
Can do’s draw out the best in people
Can not’s --scratch themselves-- and draw a blank.

Can Do’s --CAN!
Can not’s-- can't.
Captain Barry K. Choy is a Can Do--How about you?

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