Saturday, January 24, 2015

Poems of The Super Moon

My poem,"Super Moon" has been accepted for inclusion in the Pen Women Press anthology, Poems of the Super Moon.
To purchase an advance copy: click on the this link: and scroll down to Poems of The Super Moon. Thank-you for supporting the National League of American Pen Women.

Black Creek Preserve- A Scenic Hudson Park

Black Creek is a mixture of woods and wetlands conserved by Scenic Hudson and the John Burroughs Nature Sanctuary.  It is a popular destination for bird watching, fishing and paddling.
The property lies within the Plutarch/Black Creek Wetlands Complex in Esopus, New York and is a prime area for breeding and migrating waterfowl.  Safeguarded wetlands trap run-off and remove pollutants before they reach drinking-water supplies. They also mitigate ecological and property damage from sea-level rises and storm surges under predicted climate-change scenarios.
Black Creek is a  part of Scenic Hudson's collaborative campaign to Save the Land That Matters Most, protecting 65,000 acres.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Undercliff/Overcliff Carriage Roads Loop

This loop hike, suitable for snowshoeing or cross-country skiing when the ground is covered with snow, passes spectacular cliffs of Shawangunk Conglomerate and offers expansive views of the surrounding countryside.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Dancing with Ms. Lulu

She is a hybrid featherweight
tapping across the polished oak
her front paws propped up against his thighs
free-styling to her own special rhythm.

Her freshly combed out
Cockapoo legs
step left
tap right.

She is his type, a funky girl.
No one and nothing else exists.

He nods and winks
as she flicks her short tail
and pivots 
she is a natural
the partner of his dreams.

He is still on cloud nine
as she turns
flaunting her curls
and another takes his place.

Her dance card is filled
and the night has just begun.

©Cornelia DeDona 1/12/15

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Super Moon

I shiver under her power
and am numb.

Numb and insatiable.

As shifting tides,
yield to a Super Moon
bathing unabashed
in a hammerhead bay in the Pacific.

Sister Moon placid,
as she slices through indifferent curtains.

Until I witness her spirit here in the Northeast.

As she straddles
cool peaks and crags
and I find myself drawn
to her again.

And as I howl at her blood-red form
gulp down the afterglow above.