Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Super Moon

I shiver under her power
and am numb.

Numb and insatiable.

As shifting tides,
yield to a Super Moon
bathing unabashed
in a hammerhead bay in the Pacific.

Sister Moon placid,
as she slices through indifferent curtains.

Until I witness her spirit here in the Northeast.

As she straddles
cool peaks and crags
and I find myself drawn
to her again.

And as I howl at her blood-red form
gulp down the afterglow above.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Wonderland- A Look Back

Alice knew
of a time when reason 
wouldn’t stop her
from escaping
into the cold black night.
Far from
should have
and know better
because those pricks
loved to spoil her fun.

Often they trailed behind
there would be hell to pay
for this, that and the other.

Prompting her to
run even farther
and resolve
that this time
she’d make it
to someplace better.

© Connie DeDona 11-7-14

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Liebling- Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen

Darling, I want to say I love you
but the words dodge my lips.
Unlike the sunrise, pinkish orange
skirting the Gunk’s
or the wind
swirling yellow-brown leaves
across the green carpet below.

And again
as we dance to a slow mambo
our inner fires smoldering
as we reflect on the growth of the knotty pine
and the ever-changing outdoor pageant.

Your shit-brown eyes
celebrate dawn’s early trek
value the remaining red and yellow leaves
as the orange and black winged Monarch snacks
on its flight to Mexico.
As we worship the violet sky,
and a single buck among the white tails
eats his way across the lawn.

I want to say I love you
when you hold me
and Time pauses to bow at our feet.
Even though I know it is too soon
for me to love anyone
that I am still all about me

that we live separate lives.

So for now
I will cherish the moments, French-pressed coffee
and the mountain that brought us together
always changing
always near
and the four seasons

as they wax and wane
their arresting beauty
devoted to ancient gods
that watch pleased from above.

© Connie DeDona 12-15-04