Saturday, October 3, 2015

Where Is The Biggest Garbage Dump On Earth?

The Pacific Garbage Patch

should scare the hell out of you.

Originating somewhere in between Hawaii and California
it is one of seven garbage islands
spread across the world’s oceans
funneled and trapped by planetary rotation
converging ocean currents and wind, garbage that impacts all of us, garbage that can hitchhike to other parts of the globe.
Imagine barnacles attaching to floating garbage
not found in your area, infecting our native species.

 Plastic washing up on Hawaiian beaches
growing wider, thicker and more toxic every day. Containing billions of plastic pellets called nurdles commingling with phytoplankton,
mistaken for fish eggs and krill.

Plastic Confetti choking whales
and other animals.

Toxic plastic lasting 500 years into our future
causing hormone disruption, and most likely cancer, consumed up the food chain
by fish and ultimately humans.

Clean up is too costly.
The answer is to control the amount of plastic we produce.
Limit consumption.
What will you do?

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