Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Black and White

You cannot depend on your eyes
when your imagination is out of focus~ Mark Twain

Black and White

White is the shade
you pull down
on your eyes
when I get boring
as you shut your mind to the monotony and the drone
of my noise.
AND Black is
a buzzing fly
that has landed on your nose right after

he shat
on top of a giant pile of
dog shit.

is the smear
of that sticky fly
with robo eyes
that’s got your number
and won’t die.

The dark brown stain
that’s infected your brain
that you can’t train
or refrain
from keeping in the

A hot spark
lights the bench in the park
that the man in the long black Rolls
once sat on
that you ignored
floating high on your kite
of white
with black and brown lines
that you drew and wouldn’t cross over,
the same man
who could’ve taken you outta all this black and white and shitty brown.

Remember him
reading the paper on a bench in the park

Offering you
some grey poupon
for your shitty
blackened brown dog
pillowed in white?

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