Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Quiet Life—Una Vita Tranquilla

A Quiet Life
tortures  you
in unexpected ways
It leads you on
like a hot babe
with her long legs
around your mid-section
pulling you into her
and just when you think
you can’t take any more
she slices your thumb off
and lets you run around in circles
howling WHY did you do that
WHY couldn’t you just LEAVE ME ALONE?
I’ve been good!
I’ve been good for fifteen years
I’ve started a new life
a new family
why couldn’t you
just leave me alone?
And she replies…

** This movie is at the Italian Film Festival.
The story of a good family gone wrong. A man escapes to Germany and starts a new family thinking he will finally enjoy a quiet life. He is wrong.

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