Thursday, September 15, 2011

Facebook Mania

Write  a poem using the following words: flood - crying - lost - hope - fun - laughter - rough. Words may be used in different formats (for example: cry, crying, cried) 

A downward spiral
has sucked my brain
into an alarming flood
of multitudinous meanderings.

Exotic monikers
light up my screen
new and old
parading requests
to come and have fun
let’s play games
text and extol
fanciful tales of joy
and woe. You are among friends.

A veritable montage of
learning follows
from a newborn’s first  hopeful cry, to
old best friends who have died too young
and others that married the football captain
the proctologist, and the now homeless
comedian as he muses on future
High School reunions.

Idle laughter distilled while
the thick confluence
of a rough relational glue
sold for a click
amid lost days
dodging real
hopelessly caught up
in playing

**Disclaimer—a creation.

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