Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good Morning America!

Good Morning America

Good Morning Starbucks
Venti Me!
I’m going for the bypass tomorrow
I woke up today and
all my size twelve’s turned into four’s
and I can’t get the zipper UP
I may need EMS to resuscitate me
from this god dammed war
that’s killing all of our boys
and I’m asking MR. President
what is it all FOR?
I want OFF this rollercoaster
I want Opie and Andy
to call I LOVE LUCY
and tell her that
marrying RICKY is a big mistake
that Ethel is a cow and Fred is really a cereal killer.

Good Morning America
I need a ZEN moment
a place to exhale all the garbage
from my black lungs
coughed up in the trenches
of foreign wars
that I can’t afford
because my credit just went down the tubes
and needs a banker
a little gold to back me up
prevent my guts from being
blown up in the chopper
in a bombed out country
that hires kids as mercenaries
What the hell is it for
Mr. Senator?

Good Morning America!
Stop the bullshit
the crying
soap opera
about the streets
of London
Don’t you see that
we are all in this together?
We need a plan
we need Mr. Spock
to beam down
and give us the logical
before the Alien High Council
sends us to a frozen prison planet
because no one here is INNOCENT.

Good Morning America!
Let’s toast our Statue of Liberty
one last time before China
calls in her note.
Before the polar ice cap melts
the earth stops resettling and
before Voyager reaches its final destination.

Good Morning America
Today is the day
we resurrect GOD
meet those ancient aliens
who designed the giant stone monoliths
that litter the planet
like an ad for air travel.
Refrigerator magnets
to foreign collectors
from a far off galaxy
who will surely
look up in their ancient texts
calculating the odds
of contracting the human infection
inoculating the crew
for their close encounter of a shitty kind.

Good Morning America
Wake up!
We are being consumed by a sinkhole
a malfunction in the earth’s crust
sliding, suffocating
obsessed and arrogant
and our time is running out.
Pardon me
Excuse my partisan ass
Mr. Speaker but
America is pissed
off and we were wondering
when you people on Capitol Hill
will get up off your rich collective butts
and DO what you were elected for
which is to speak for the PEOPLE
because we are tired of swallowing
your sovereign AGENDA’s and we’re not going to finance them ANYMORE!

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