Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting Out from Beneath the Rubble

I’ve been putting it off long enough.
Yesterday I took a step towards
stirring the crowd.

I found
and relocated some
rather important tomes.
I made progress.
I approached the mammoth
and tried to saddle it
the tonnage clear
roping not an option.

Intent on putting my plan
into gear
I sorted through
the who does this belong to
the what
why and how much
dust had accumulated
reasoning that the one inch pile
could stay
but everyone else
had to go.

I don’t care for slackers.
Most of them left quietly
the days of debauchery over
they were corralled and herded
towards the car
and loaded into the trunk
next stop the LIBRARY.

The connivers next to the nightstand were next
unread in over six months
they were out of there
replaced by the next have to reads.

Then I marched upstairs
to look at the schemer pile
next to the sofa
that seemed content
to stay put.
No threats or
hysterical comments
voiced from that group
so I relented and gave them
another six months to collect
interest, which seems to be at a premium these days.

I think I will issue a press release
or have a PBS show featuring them.
You know, revive interest in the classics
get them on Oprah’s must read list

In the meantime I have
been evaluating and editing
a new
beast that I’m taming
set in Hawaii
(not mine) saved
on a flash drive
but I’m going to
have to ration myself
after all
there is more to life
isn’t there?

Hold on
I think I have a book on that

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