Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Am Me

I am me
the reflection staring back from the glass
the half full cup
the dark chocolate freak
sometime friend to a certain scale.

I learn in the face of challenge
that my obscurity may be a good thing
that as I trip and fall
no one will see
or care.

I am a notion
a shadow
a spot on the frame
moving past old beliefs.

Becoming new.

Sometimes haunted

I existed before to fill your square pegs
round spaces

I persist to soulfully
in the dark
without a key
without a pigs chance in hell
that you will understand my need.

I am a rogue wave
a rushing tide
a rare
a thinking stone
passionately pulled
occasionally moved.

Mixing and mashing theories
flicking hard-nosed butts

against a blue-green world

of melting ice
smoking pillars and
smashed stones.
I am me

a miracle

to those
that bore me
with nothing
but a seed to plant
nothing but hopes and dreams.

I am much more than your
much more than a pulsing frame
wary heart
weak organs
tired blood
hidden muscle and moral bone.

Protect me from your reckless ways.

Spare the child in me.

I deserve
to dream
to inherit the ideas
of our creator
to see
beyond the black
molten mass

1 comment:

  1. You can feel the honesty in this piece, a vulnerability.


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