Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Camel Dung

Fresh camel dung
 the curse of the lower Nile
attracting a multitude of flies high above
decomposing mummies
buried in forgotten pyramids
beneath the sands of time
deep inside secret chambers
stacked with gold
foraged from the influence
of unknown origin
of which countless markers
have been left behind
flies being the common denominator.
If the ignoble fly had been in charge
how might he have managed?
Would ancient insects have done a better job
at keeping quotas and curbing bad behavior?
Who would’ve done the heavy lifting?

The chosen people were dropping like flies.
There had to be a back-up.
Someone must’ve had a plan.

Why were the pyramids so big?
Are they entrances to another time

Or a door into our own psyche?
Are WE the alien life form
on this hostile planet?

What have we learned?

What legacy will we leave for our children
our children’s children?

What time capsule will they discover?
Will it hold the key
to the age old question
Or merely pose new questions?
Will we survive
on this planet of dwindling resources
or calculate new methods of regeneration
revolutionizing an alternative fuel
a godsend of limitless magnitude
something similar  perhaps to
camel dung?

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