Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

should scare the hell out of you.

We don’t even know how big it is

because it keeps growing.

Located somewhere between Hawaii and California

it is one of seven garbage islands

spread across the world’s oceans

funneled and trapped by planetary rotation,

converging ocean currents and wind.

6.8 billion people will inhabit

planet Earth by the year 2012.

As of 2005

33 million live in Tokyo alone.

Beijing has 12 million.

Los Angeles another 12 million.

And 80 percent of our garbage comes from land sources.

Garbage that

impacts our wildlife

that has the potential to hitchhike.


barnacles attaching to floating garbage

not normally found in your neck

of the planet

that can infect another

area’s native species.

Ninety percent of these islands contain plastic items

like nylon nets, six pack rings, balloons,

straws and sandwich wrap.

Water bottles, cups, bottle caps, plastic bags

and billions of plastic pellets called nurdles,

a byproduct of other plastics manufacturing.

Plastic that chokes whales, seabirds and other animals.

Brightly colored plastic pellets

that are mistaken

for fish eggs and krill

that is toxic

can magnify over time

across our food chain

and have an effect similar to DDT.

Plastic that does not break down easily in water

that is cooled and coated with algae

shielded from sunlight and

will last well into our future.

Clean-up and removal of these islands is futile.

They are growing faster than we can clean them up.

Our task begins here

Get involved

Clean up local beaches

Suppress further growth

by recycling and reducing the amount

of trash you throw out.

Your future is at hand.

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