Monday, November 22, 2010

Defining Fun

Chasing a dimpled white ball can be exhausting.
Watching it bounce down cart paths, against coconut palms.
Looking left
when you should’ve
viewed right. So many
things go through your mind
like, How hard can it
be to follow a little white ball?

Funny you should ask because they have been known to
disappear in full view of the player and their cart partner.
doesn’t  begin to
describe it
as you walk towards the spot
you last saw that blasted
white object and
circle the fairway
hunting for that
darling white ball.

Not a colored ball
because you know better than to
use one of those cute colored ones.
But a white ball, newly cleaned
that has managed to find the only piece of four-inch turf to hide in.
Come to find out it’s not hiding at all.
It went straight up not left
and is now in the middle of the fairway, but you still don’t know that.
And now instead of golf, you are playing hide and seek.
A children's game that
you plainly suck at.

Until finally the foursome ahead
still putting
giggles and yells
to you
the smart one
All four of them
pointing in exactly the opposite direction from where you have been
conducting your methodical search for the last five minutes
suggesting your time is up.
So you wave back
indicating that yes
that’s the S#@’n ball
you are looking for
and thank you for sharing!

And you’ve already hit three on hole number five, a par five,
after getting an eight on the par three with thirteen lovely little
hide and seeks to go.

Pausing to state
that it may be time for another lesson
drawn like the others
to the mental aspect of the game
that you are
still looking forward
to today's challenge
seeing all of your friends
wishing secretly that their game wasn’t
quite as good as yours.

Plowing through
eighteen distracting holes
thoroughly exhausted
and slightly pissed off.

And yes
you’ve signed up
to play again tomorrow.

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