Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feeding the Boys

They gallop like horses

to the back of the house
answering their master’s call.

Who wants to eat?

Hungry, dripping saliva
tails wagging
ears pulled back
trained to wait
until he is finished
scooping out the dry
and finally adding the meat.

Canines glinting
they descend quickly
into their meal
inhaling the savory chunks.

Meat is what they hunger for
devoured first.
Tonight’s meal
short ribs
marinated and cooked
carefully deboned
meat not pedigree dry
leftovers for the doves and the mynas
who watch and wait
for the scraps.
Sizeable portions left behind
spilled in distracted haste.
Patient for their turn to feast
to puckishly perch on
metal rimmed bowls
in small semicircles.

Pecking and
cooing at their mates
who gossip above
in the octopus trees
about this morning’s
breakfast menu.

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