Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Am I Crazy OR E.T.--Phone Home!

Am I crazy?

I have this feeling

I can’t seem to shake today

Maybe it’s because my bulova watch

didn’t come back. Only the parts

I needed, a new crystal and a battery

plus shipping.

I’m waiting for

Rod Serling

to call me

or Scotty to beam me up.

Captain there seems to be

a problem with the transporter


Kind of like Mr. Spock

playing chess

with a single

cell amoeba.

Meanwhile the Klingons

would be coughing up

greenish red snot tearing up

from laughing so hard.

Vowing like the terminator

to soon be back

before they

warped, factor 7 to the next galaxy

where the takeover would at least be a challenge for their intellect.

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