Monday, September 13, 2010

Pricing Philosophy

I am GOD of my section

directing the flow
making the ultimate decisions
as to what stays
what goes

how much to charge

how little

which polished newcomers
get an all access pass
to Bill’s Bookmobile

which ones go on to the prisons

and hospitals

And what inevitably gets called home
to heaven

the tired,
marked up
highlighted ones
with post-its stuck
in irretrievable places
spoiled and unsalable.

Hell has to wait

its turn after
a dissertation on morality
even bullshit
endures my scrutiny
green in my omniscience.

The list
of human
is endless
in fact
stacks of them
keep petitioning
for another audience
for a different outcome.


my favorite
usually ends up
at the top of the pile
since I am


and GOD is love

and well

because I said so!

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