Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crabwise--Walking Sideways

*** DLNR has informed us that they will be raising dock fees indiscriminately across the board—in order to standardize rates over the next five years—this means that everyone will be charged the same fees regardless of slip size or amenities.

We are off on a crusade
thick exoskeletons armed
claws ready-made.

Crying out to our clan
the hermit, king and
 horseshoe now stand.

Primitive and developed
from land, freshwater and sea
to make our objections known to
DLNR and the powers that be.

We have listened to your
bullying ways for far too long
it is your time now, to listen, to our song.

Our diet has made us strong and fit
And we refuse to stand still
for any more
of your sh---it!!

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