Saturday, July 10, 2010

Normal doesn’t live here

Normal doesn’t live here anymore.

IT went the way of the Maya
IT lives somewhere south of the border beneath a bottle green jungle
IT is living its normal life with its friend Patience
IT is happy
IT never looks over the fence to see what’s there

IT doesn’t age or need a Doctor

IT has perfect hair

IT used to have feelings but has advanced itself to a more stable life.
IT doesn’t think about its body because it doesn’t have one.

IT doesn’t concern itself with the doings of man or wo-man

IT knows that much is wrong
but IT ignores them and their hormones
because IT is smart
and realizes what will happen
if IT upsets them or tries to teach them about the laws of evolution

ITS molecules will have to travel to a new galaxy
because even though IT is sure

 IT’s shit is ice-cream

IT is wrong!!!

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