Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mango Man--Dream State

**** A story in a poem --in 100 words or less, Mana means spirit or power, Haumea and Wakea were ancient Hawaiian gods. Laka is the goddess of hula

Last night he dreamt of the before time,
it is dim.

It disappears with the birds
when he wakes
under his special tree
above Kalihi Valley.

The tree that he knew
as a child,
which shows him its mana
in the howl of the damp.
In the leaves whispering her name,
combing-out memories
tangled within their dark stillness.

Coarse branches stretching back
to the time of
Wakea and Haumea.

A goddess born from Haumea’s eye,

Kapo has many names,
one is Laka.

She can appear
as a lizard or
a human.

Her hula
his dreams.

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