Friday, July 16, 2010


Aunt Alice had to stop for a few

Beers, she was
Chilling down at
Deeley’s saloon with
Edna Earle. It seems that
Frank James was involved and that
Good for nothing
Henry Hiller, you know the one that used to
Ink the newspaper down outside of
Jasmine over at
Kallops Corner? I believe you know
Lawrence Bishop, he owned the Star something or other,
Maybelle, he will
Never get over this, it sure
Opened my eyes
Pops is still limping because he tried to help poor
Quentin, you know Lawrence’s
Step son by his third wife
Tina or Tasha, well anyway it sure was
Upsetting to the old folk they had never seen anything like that in the whole damn
Valley, everyone up in arms over that god forsaken fire
White crosses went up like Christmas trees in July
X-rays showed he had a compound fracture of the tibia, risking his life running down there
Yelling at those fanatics. Nothing he could do and poor Quentin hanging there like that
Zinnia’s got tinged too—will have to replant some new ones come spring.

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