Friday, July 2, 2010

Hiki No

Hiki No means Can Do!

Hiki No

Can Do’s climb cliff faces and stick out their tongues to catch snowflakes.

Can not’s trip over their own shadow.

Can Do’s march through puddles.

Can not’s wait for a dry spell.

Can Do’s swim the English Channel

Can not’s failed drown proofing at the Y.

Can Do’s run marathons.

Can not’s run to the fridge.

Can Do’s reinvent their world and make it better for everyone.

Can not’s live on another planet.

Can Do’s find the cure.

Can not’s complain.

Can Do’s stick their necks into tight places.

Can not’s are stuck in the 60’s.

Can Do’s will try it once and succeed in time.

Can not’s excuse themselves from too much excitement.

Can Do’s make goals and stick to them.

Can not’s complain about how hard it is.

Can Do’s show up on time.

Can not’s show up late-- ALL THE TIME!!

Can Do’s, consider your feelings.

Can not’s consider their feelings.

Can Do’s --CAN!

Can not’s-- can't.

HIKI NO--How about you?

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