Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Fourth of July Toast to John Wayne

A Fourth of July Toast to John Wayne

He blazed rocky trails
brought in murderers and thieves
protected them from being lynched by an angry mob
saw that they got their fair trial.
He was a friend to the Comanche.
He spanked respect
into his willful bride and spoiled daughter
as G.W. McClintock
fought long and hard for his principles
infected us with his kind spirit and vitality
and brought us back again and again to the good old days.

If horses could talk
would they give him the nod?
Would prostitutes still wink and flash their goods?
Would the local boyz greet him in the hood?
Would our military show up to see his latest film, shake his hand?

You bet they would!!

John Wayne--an American icon
a vital natural resource
a man of his word, our hero
the indestructible
“Duke”---Well I reckon
we owe him
big time, so here’s to you Marion
thanks for lighting the way!

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