Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My rules for this one were to use XYZ in each sentence!!

Xian’s yellow xenon zephyr zooms-in-on Xanadu.

Xanthippe’s xenophobic XY zygote zigzags zip code zeroing-in-on zither.

Xerophyte x-ray yields yucca yelp zinging zinnia.

Zechariah’s XL zenana yields Yiddish zinfandel.

Yankee xylophonist yearns-for yodeling yogi in Zaire.

Xuzhou’s zucchini yardstick yields yawn in Zurich, yowl in Zanzibar.

Yonder xeriscape zooms in on zany yuppie in zoysia yelling for Yorkie.

Xuzhou: city in eastern China
XL: extra large
XML: a mark-up language that indicates the structural type of data
Zenana: harem
Zoysia: any of a genus of creeping perennial grasses having fine wiry leaves and including some used as lawn grasses.

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