Friday, June 18, 2010

Dads vs. Grandpas

Here's a little humor---Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there

Dads have it tough!

They have to correct their naughty children.
They have go to work and then come home and
work some more.
They have to fix what everyone else breaks.

They need to make an appointment for sex.

They have to wait for everything
wait for their wives to get ready
so they can go out and spend money
they don't have
on food that they already have
in the freezer.

They have to fight traffic-- twice a day-- FIVE DAYS A WEEK.

They have to wait
to have their toe nails trimmed
wait until Xmas for new shirts, ties, underwear and socks.

And wait for Father's Day to hear from their grown-up kids--Maybe!

Yeah--Dads have it tough!

Dads are good for car keys
an extra couple of bucks
and explaining about the birds and the bees.
They are dependable.
They are there when you need them and
if you get into trouble or just
want some support
even though they are usually in the dark
the last one you run to
after all else fails.

Yeah-Dads have it tough!

Dads get better with age
they mellow like an old pair of socks
that you can see through.
They become almost human
thoughtful and caring
they develop a sense of humor
soon after the last child
leaves the nest.

Yeah--Dads have it tough!

Now Grandpas-- they get all the perks
They get to spoil the grandkids
feed them junk food
buy them anything they want
drop them off two hours late
with toilet paper stuck to their shoes
giggling about some off color joke
they weren't supposed to hear.

SHH--remember not to tell your Dad!

Grandpas get all the news about school
and friends while Dad is plugging away
being responsible.

Grandpas know where all the bodies are buried.

Grandpas know how to fix that hole in the drywall
or that dent in the garage door
that your new car accidentally hit
while you were backing up
loaded on a few beers after graduation!

Yeah-- being a Dad is tough-- isn't that right Grandpa?

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