Thursday, April 22, 2010

Life in a Glass Bottle

Circa: Earth Day 2010

Life in a glass bottle
longs for a calming breeze
butterflies and bees.
Hears the pop of
daylight, dawning
as it rises yawning.
Is pitched by cobalt seas
and daring fish that please
to give you the evil eye
and consequences ply
as they nudge you
and toss you in the bay.
But then let us say
that you are not tossed and
Abused by the cost
and still float aimlessly about
and get hooked by a snout
of a humpback whale and her calf
out for a laugh
swimming and diving at play
that manage to avoid the plastic nooses
and glass ball cabooses
aluminum cans, fish net and twine
dumped and left behind for
a poor fish to find
strangled alone on the reef
hooked like a thief in the night
By this human blight that litter and waste
proud and uptight, in childish haste
Now concerned about the earth
pondering its worth
on a planet
spewing rebirth.

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